Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boycott British Language

Bhai phor how long Gorement is elect?' 'Ujually phor phie years.'
'Whyphore ujually?' 'Becoss in some times, it is not so ujually.'
'What that means?' 'Bhai according to Constitution, when one is elect
M.P. or MLA, seat is rejerve phor phie years, but nowadays all oph
sudden MP or MLA sitting in one seat is getting tired.' 'Muss to be
pheeling phie year hitch.' 'What that is?' 'Pheeling like to scratch.'

- from Psst, a satirical column in The Current, Bombay, (from 1967 issue)
This column regularly ended with the slogan: "Boycott British Language",
[Quoted in The Oxford Companion to the English Language]


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